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Transformative Life Centre positively transforms the lives of people who are ready to step into their power and embody their true potential.

Established in 1995, Transformative Life Centre is the metaphysical practise of gifted holistic counsellor and Shaman Grace, MCulPsyc, MRes. 

Are you seeking clear, holistic enlightenment on your current life situation and your best next step? Come into alignment with Spirit and your highest self with TLC.

Psychospiritual Counselling Therapy

Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling

Transpersonal psychotherapy and counselling focuses mainly on the spiritual dimension of life. This Transpersonal model of counselling includes ways of being or functioning which are beyond the normal; and is positioned in the realm such as transcendent or mystical experiences, enlightenment, and with access to higher wisdom. The Transpersonal Approach is an inclusive, holistic method of working, which is concerned less, with making us “normal,” and more with developing our fullest potential, as human beings. In this integrated approach, crisis, illness, and difficulty, are placed within the context of “areas of seeking growth;” as it is my view, that troubles, and trials are an integral part of the process of becoming, and not merely symptoms we need to remove, get-rid-of, or mask, in order to return to our lives, as they were before. Once we move through a particular phase of our healing journey, we can become more awake, alive, and whole, than we were before our troubles came along.

In transpersonal therapeutic counselling the individual is recognised as a co-creator (not a passive observer/participant) within the therapeutic process, and as such, individuals have the responsibility and authority to communicate what they, the client, want and need in the counselling relationship. This is vital for the continuation of the Transpersonal Therapy session discussion which can include:

  • helping you to explore your own life circumstances and what is occurring for you. This often occurs firstly through conversation. Why? Because:
    • themes you are dealing with become clearer
    • focus on the core issues you are facing
    • help you to make sense of what is going on
    • assist you to see how you naturally create a story from the events in your life
    • allow you to feel that what is happening to you has meaning and purpose
    • through the process of talking, you may also uncover belief systems that are not serving you
    • opportunities to further explore other frameworks of understanding your world and to find ones that feel both true to you and healthy for you
  • the process can also be the sharing of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Why?
    • It can be immensely powerful to tell another human being what is really occurring for you. Often people tell their counsellors things they do not feel comfortable telling anyone else. This can be very liberating, and life changing, to show your hidden aspects to someone and have them like and respect you within it – without judgment.

You may be encouraged to deepen your experience of your emotions: – why?

  • on occasions we restrict ourselves from the full experience of our emotions
  • during the exploration you come across something which triggers a strong emotion in you. You may be encouraged to sit with the emotion, explore it and deepen it
  • letting emotions flow which have been stuck, is healing; and can often provide deeper understandings of your own motivations and responses to what is happening in your life
  • emotional exploration always occurs sensitively and at your own pace. You are not required to express more than you want to, although, you may be encouraged, to make a choice to work through those boundaries.

You may be encouraged to externally explore other somatic therapies to help you to release energetic blockages in the body-mind through trauma. These may include (but not limited to):

  • yoga
  • massage (diverse types)
  • dance and/or sensation awareness work
  • meditation
  • visualisation
  • breathwork
  • tapping & energy bodywork incl. acupressure and/or acupuncture
  • chakra balancing • grounding exercises (incl. walking several days pw)
  • herbal baths and or herbal tinctures

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1 hr 30 mins | A$140.00


Astro Therapeutic Analysis

Astro Therapeutic Analysis

Please leave your full birth details – place, time and date of birth when booking: a great therapy to finding your way and what your gifts are.

In ASTRO-THERAPY, focus of attention is on the individual seeking support on potentials and direction of life; career/work and work-life balance with an energetic uplift in vitality, from where the individual has been experiencing periods of indecision and fogginess concerning dreams, desires, and wishes.

This Astro therapy provides help focused on the individual’s internal lack of awareness and drive. This approach is based on the verbal interpretations of each individual’s words; and aims to clarify their behaviours, feelings, and affects in order to make the internal conflicts encountered become meaningful and understood; in other words, understanding that their immobilisation, fogginess, and lacking drive may be calling for a changed direction in perspective, awareness, and skills potential.

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1 hr | A$140.00


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