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Transformative Life Centre positively transforms the lives of people who are ready to step into their power and embody their true potential.

Established in 1995, Transformative Life Centre is the metaphysical practise of gifted holistic counsellor and Shaman Grace, MCulPsyc, MRes. 

Are you seeking clear, holistic enlightenment on your current life situation and your best next step? Come into alignment with Spirit and your highest self with TLC.

Spiritual Counselling

Working with individuals is similar to the life cycle of the Water Lily.

Water Lilies begin life submerged under murky water

When enough sunlight is absorbed the stems rise above the surface with open petals shooting for the stars.

This is likened to the alchemical process of an individual working in holistic Counselling. The individual usually has problems with their shadow self – their dark side. In counselling we seek to alchemically transform this heavy-laden egoic patterning to emerge in renewed understanding and metaphysical change. This is what I call: the ‘Water Lily Effect’ at Transformative Life Centre.

What to expect:

  • Exploration of family history
  • Traumas and phobias
  • Reconnect mind, body, spirit
  • Ecology: Sense of place

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1 hr 30 mins | A$140.00

Spiritual Illumination

Spiritual illumination is used to perform any healing on the body which requires healing the spirit first.

In Shamanic Spirituality all healing work is practised energetically – whether personally or remotely.

Soul Medicine is the work of the Shamanic Healer whose toolkit has varying alchemical techniques for use depending on the reason found for an individual person.

Working on an individual energetically means looking within the interior of the individual person, metaphysically, honouring its position of power within the physical body. This interior body we call the Light Energy Field – LEF. It is from within this interior view (LEF) that the Shamanic Healer primarily discovers more about the individual’s relationship to the sacred texture of the physical body.

The reason the healer works energetically, is to balance human consciousness (alchemically) when it does not reflect and transmit the qualities and powers of the soul. This is usually when the Shamanic Healer discovers that significant psychological and physical illness has occurred. This occurrence is often reflected as an existential crisis of doubt about one’s purpose or spiritual meaning in life. This can be symptomatic of a major root cause for many illnesses. Soul connection promotes health-metaphysically; while obstructions to soul connection promote dis-ease-physically.

This is the work of the Shamanic Healer – who detects whether an individual embraces the sacredness to all of life as can be seen through the Light Energy Field of the physical body which represents the mechanism for soul expression. It is the light energy field which illuminates the capacity to convey the sacred to the material world in order to create the proper energetic conditions that will illuminate the individual’s consciousness to reflect the qualities and intentions of that soul.

What to expect:

  • The clearing and cleaning of blocked auras
  • The clearing and balancing of chakras
  • The cutting of cords to generational curses and/or toxic energy
  • Illuminating the Light Energy Field (LEF)

Book Online

1 hr | A$140.00  REMOTE ENERGY HEALING WITH POST-HEALING COUNSEL (30 mins) Zoom Online / pass code at booking