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Grace Vaughan


Grace Vaughan holds a Diploma in Commerce, Business Administration – UK; an Associate Diploma in Social & Community Welfare; Graduate Diploma in Social Ecology; Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) degree, a Masters degree in Jungian Cultural Psychology from University of Western Sydney; and a Master’s Research degree in Urban Anthropology from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.  Prior to committing herself to writing books full time, Grace worked as a university tutor and advisor, holistic counsellor and a dynamic motivational life-coach oriented toward psychosynthesis, spiritual transformation and soul life potential in her practice as Metaphysical Alchemist based in Sydney, Australia.   

She is the mother of two and grandmother of two children.  Grace’s interests include electromagnetism – neuroscience, astro-cartography, evolutionary cosmology and urban anthropology; and loves travelling, spending time over good food, good conversations, good movies and soy lattes with family, friends and clients.

I’m a great lover of humanity. Human beings are spirit beings having a human experience. We all have issues to deal with living here in 3rd dimension, Earth, whether you’re 14 or 80. People come to me for re-membering and re-awakening, resolution, realignment and re-commitment to life. Especially, when seeking their life purpose.  If I can help support them, I assist. 

Grace Vaughan, MCulPsyc, MRes.