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Grace Vaughan


Grace Vaughan holds a Diploma in Commerce, Business Administration – UK; an Associate Diploma in Social & Community Welfare; Graduate Diploma in Social Ecology; Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) degree, a Masters degree in Jungian Cultural Psychology from University of Western Sydney; and a Master’s Research degree in Urban Anthropology from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.

Prior to committing herself to authoring books and leading groups full time, Grace worked as a university tutor and advisor, holistic counsellor and a dynamic motivational life-coach oriented toward psychosynthesis, spiritual transformation and soul life potential in her practice as Metaphysical Alchemist based in Sydney, Australia.   

In response to the Call of her Soul… Grace’s offerings in recognition of our multidimensionality – dealing with current day Starseeds, Light Workers and Wayshowers during this time of our greatest ascension.

Grace is an initiated shamanic energy worker and trained as a psychospiritual therapist. Grace is enthusiastic about assisting people work towards improving their quality of life. Using evidence-based therapies, her work as a transpersonal psychospiritual therapist, is based and informed by Mindfulness, Self-Compassion (Sara Lazar, Prof. Richard Davidson & Dalai Lama, Lynne McTaggart), Cultural and Transpersonal Psychology (Joseph Campbell, Stanislav Groff, Carl G Jung) and Urban Anthropology (Arjun Appadurai, Bronislaw Malinowski & Clifford Geertz); and the energetic healing arts – the electromagnetic field (EMF). From a formal background knowledge of neuroscience, working with an understanding of Neuroplasticity (Dr Alberto Villoldo), Epigenetics (Dr Bruce Lipton), and the impact of Trauma and Pain (Dr Gabor Mate) on the Nervous System and Body (Dr Stanislav Groff) informs Grace’s working psychotherapeutic and spiritual knowledge.

Her approaches include (but are not limited to) Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Purposeful Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Energy Therapy, Cognitive Psychotherapy as well as Art & Colour Therapy (A&CT) with emphasis on the Chakra system with the Five Elements. Grace’s work is centred and underpinned by a deep respect for the Therapeutic Space, and an appreciation of the Unified Field of Consciousness (Quantum Mechanics).

Working from a person-centred approach that actively involves the client in treatment planning; this may include setting home-work tasks, and review processes. Each treatment plan is individually tailored to meet the unique needs of the individual to ensure optimal therapeutic outcomes when accessing the services of Transpersonal psychotherapy and Counselling. 

Grace Vaughan, MCulPsyc, MRes. 

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