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Grace AT THE

Transformative Life Centre

Transformative Life Centre positively transforms the lives of people who are ready to step into their power and embody their true potential.

Established in 1995, Transformative Life Centre is the metaphysical practise of gifted holistic counsellor and Shaman Grace, MCulPsyc, MRes. 

Are you seeking clear, holistic enlightenment on your current life situation and your best next step? Come into alignment with Spirit and your highest self with TLC.


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Grace offers private counselling sessions and group workshops from the Transformative Life Centre in Parramatta, Sydney, as well as remote private sessions. Her clients hail from all walks of life, from students to the aged and infirm, to politicians and their families to professionals. 

A session with Grace is a powerful leap toward the life of your heart’s desire. Using her gifts of intuition and her vast body of trans-disciplinary metaphysical, humanitarian and scientific knowledge, she will place you within the big picture context of your family life and history. TLC is where you’ll find the courage to embody your highest calling and soul’s purpose.


thank you for enabling me to continue my spiritual journey and healing and the sharing with like-minded women
Robyn (chakra meditaion group)
thank you for your wisdom in continuing my spiritual journey
Rob (counselling + shamanic journeying group)
you have helped me beyond my imagination and give me hope. cannot thank you enough
Sarah (counselling client)
You're a wonderful person and it was a privilege to have you as my teacher
Katarina (social science student)
thank you for touching our hearts and letting us share our stories and wisdom, forever greatful
Jan (shamanic meditation group)
thank you for your support, encouragement, and friendship
Sophi (social science student)
your passions inspire me, I'll keep working hard on social work, thanks!
Joanne (social work student)
thank you for your patience with me, i have not been an easy client to deal with, tears are welling up as i'll miss you greatly
Elaine (counselling client)
we appreciate your positive input into our lives
Joy (chronic pain support group)
thank you so much for your inspiration in the group. i cant imagine that i will ever find a better leader
Ellie (mandalas and magic group)
thank you very much for putting up with me, thanks for a great group
Maree (chakra meditation group)
I'm so happy i came to see you, i feel a lot better in myself and i know I'm going to improve a lot more
Angela (counselling client)