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Transformative Life Centre


Established in 1995, Transformative Life Centre is the metaphysical practise of gifted holistic counsellor and Shaman Grace, MCulPsyc, MRes. 

The words transformative life was intuitively chosen to represent how my life had changed from the ordinary and mundane to spiritual: a new meaning in terms of a “changed mindset”; the process of which came about after what I would call, the death of the ego.  

The death of the ego happened as a result of a traumatic mindset alteration –an altered state of consciousness following a shamanic experience.  This was a cognitive change of how I used to think to a deliberate higher form of positive accelerated outlook on life, especially, spiritual life as the higher form of living.  

For me, this was a kind of lifestyle change that was ecologically grounded in that all life was meaningful, purposeful and valuable; all sentient beings, animate and inanimate objects were alive; and this new knowing was upheld by the belief that a cosmic superconscious intelligence was the order of life.  

That life was abundantly provided for by a living planet we call Earth – our home.  It is on this basis my mindset had accelerated and intuitively found to be inherently synchronised to all life – that which is dimensionally structured.  It gave me clairsentient meaning and purposeful understanding; one in which to grow enriched and enlightened.

Transformative Life is about doing Soul Work, that is, metaphysical and alchemical: working on a deeper, inner level of mind body spirit and soul self.  It is a holistic approach to self-exploration, deep reflection and contemplation which brings about a more integrated understanding of one’s self.

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