The Soul Awakening Series – Paperback


The soul awakening series is an autobiographical about the author’s spiritual transformational life experiences

Presenting her first book debut, Soul Awakening: When Soul Reveals Itself, is a fascinating journey of the soul. Grace takes us on a hair-raising, compassionate, and anxiety-ridden roller coaster ride, so descriptive, of what it’s like to go through a psycho-spiritual transformation. While trying to be mother, wife, student, and friend in a new country, she receieves psychic spiritual gifts clairvoyance and clairaudience in the midst of domestic abuse. Through an unavoidable traumatic crisis, Grace was bestowed a psychic shamanic initiation. Having no one to turn to for support, her courage and strength places her at the mercy of Spirit and the Angelic realm; and to those individuals whom Spirit had lead her to, for refuge.